Volume 2

Clean, potable water is essential for life, and ensuring its availability in times of disaster cannot be taken for granted. When we prepare for emergencies, we usually put up water because we know that store shelves will be stripped bare of water within hours. But how long will your stored water hold out? Now what? At some point, you will have to rely on a renewable natural water source with questionable safety. Next Level Prepping Volume 2: Water Disinfection was written for the “Now what.”

This book provides accurate and comprehensive information regarding making water safe to drink. It covers a range of topics from trekker water disinfection devices and products found at sports and outdoor stores, to a variety of water disinfection methods including heat and solar energy, chlorination, filtration, alum flocculation, and current Third World methods. Whether preparing for the short term, or an extended time, this book gives you the information necessary to disinfect water, regardless of the source or the volume needed. Elder presents all the information clearly and easy to understand by anyone. Next Level Prepping Volume 2: Water Disinfection is a must have resource to get your water prep where you need it to be.